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Diet plays a key role in health. Following the right nutritional plan can be an important part of medical treatment, chronic disease management, recovery from illness or surgery, and for disease prevention.

At our medical centre, it’s our mission to provide quality, professional medical care to all of our patients. This is why as a part of our medical practice, we include professional dietitian services from Sydney’s own Kevin Cheng, an experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist with an excellent reputation in the area.

Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin and the recipient of a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) (Honours), Kevin Cheng offers a high level of expertise and is a valued dietitian by his clients.

The Benefit of Personalised Dietitian Services

Through creating individualised meal plans, he works to ensure each patient he helps is meeting their nutritional needs and is using diet to support their long-term health.

With experience in a variety of clinical conditions and health issues, from diabetes and high blood pressure, to pregnancy nutrition and weight management, Kevin is able to provide patients with a range of different health concerns the dietitian counselling services they need to reach a state of greater health.

From the young to the old, Kevin takes a personalised approach to his patients. Through taking the time to look at the full health history of an individual, he provides tailored services, whilst also working to educate and inform his patients so they can continue their healthy eating habits in the long term.

For dietitian services in the Sydney area, contact us today. Call us on 02 9498 1499 or contact us here to set up an appointment for a dietitian consultation with Kevin Cheng at our Gordon medical centre.