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When you are travelling abroad, it’s important to consult with a doctor to make sure you have all the vaccinations you need. There’s nothing worse than falling ill when travelling. Depending on where you are headed, you will have to get certain vaccinations so you won’t contract or spread a life-threatening disease.

At Gordon Family Medical Practice, we have all the vaccinations you may need for your travels ready. We’re also a certified Yellow Fever and travel vaccination clinic. 

When Is a Good Time to Book an Appointment with a Travel Doctor?

Be sure to see your doctor at least one month before travelling. Vaccines take time to take effect in the body and you want to make sure you are fully protected when you leave Australia.

How Much Do Travel Vaccinations Cost?

The cost of the vaccines isn’t covered by Medicare. You can contact us today if you have any questions on costs. We’ll also discuss travel vaccinations costs during your consultation.

When Do I Need a Yellow Fever Vaccination?

There are many countries in both Africa and South and Central America, including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Peru, Trinidad, and Brazil, that are known to have a risk for yellow fever. This viral disease is spread when an infected mosquito bites a human host. The person may just feel sick and recover but some people become terribly ill with a fever, jaundiced or yellowed skin, and internal bleeding. Yellow fever has a high death rate so it’s important to be vaccinated before you go. Australia also requires evidence of vaccination. As an accredited travel clinic, we can issue you a certificate to verify you’ve been vaccinated.

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