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Dr. Charlie Chia-Ti Cheng is a Geriatrician and General Physician with extensive training in Cardiology, Respiratory, Renal, Endocrine, Neurology, Haematology and Oncology. Fluent in English and Mandarin, he aims to provide comprehensive and holistic care to his patients.


Dr Cheng's particular interests is in dementia, psychiatric illness associated with dementia (BPSD, Depression etc.), polypharmacy, endocrinology in elderly (osteoporosis and diabetes), Rheumatology, and community health in aged care facilities.



Geriatric Medicine and Health Services from Gordon Family Medical Practice


Providing high-quality geriatric medicine and specialist health services to Sydney's senior community


Living a full and happy life is possible for all Australians, as long as proper healthcare, guidance, and advice is easy to access. However, as we get older, our healthcare needs change. We may need more regular check ups, different treatments and medications, and the services of geriatric specialists who can give us the support we need.


The Gordon Family Medical Practice puts these services within reach. Our geriatric medicine services are designed to make connecting and benefiting from the right care and guidance easy. The team we employ here is made up of fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, each of whom has the skill, and expertise required to give you what you need, as well as the warm and caring attitude required to put you at ease.


Whether you need geriatric medicine and services for yourself, or you want to access this kind of care for a family member, Gordon Family Medical Practice is the right choice.


Why Choose Gordon Family Medical Practice


There are many factors that drive local residents to come to us whenever they need geriatric medicine services. We've listed some of these below.


  • An expert team of General Practitioners and geriatric specialists
  • A warm and welcoming environment from the moment you walk through the door to the minute you leave our facility
  • State of the art equipment and facilities, positioning us to provide the highest levels of care
  • Ongoing support which is easy to access by telephone, web browser, or email

Get in touch with our team today to book your appointment with one of our specialists and to begin your health journey with Gordon Family Medical Practice.